Christopher Nkambwe .

Christopher Nkambwe a Black Transgender Woman activist, human rights defender and a community advocate from Uganda. She arrived in Canada on the 1st June 2019 and she started her journey as a refugee claimant in the city of Toronto-Canada. She is a Women Deliver Young Leader in a class of 2018.

Christopher is the founder of The African Centre for Refugees in Ontario-Canada and in 2019, 15th October; Christopher successfully registered her charity organization that supports vulnerable LGBTIQ refugees from the African Continent.

In September 2020, she was selected to seat on the Advisory Committee of the Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants under the Positive Space Initiative that supports the settlement sector to more effectively serve LGBTIQ+2 newcomers.

On 5th/11/2020, Christopher was honored with the Steinert and Ferreiro Award plus a cash prize of $10,000cad and this award is Canada’s largest single cash award in recognition of LGBTIQ leadership.

Recently Christopher was announced as the winner of the January Marie Lapuz Youth leadership award with $ 1000cad by She-Vancouver to recognize young leaders who are advocates for the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Currently, she is the Board Chairperson of Royal Rays Initiative Uganda an Organization that is devoted to providing free services and empowerment that build self- sufficiency to LGBTIQ in Uganda.

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