Biography of Samuel K Ganafa

Samuel Ganafa Kizza is a Ugandan based human rights activist who practices human rights and humanitarian advocacy. He is responsible for the so many LGBTIQ organization formulation and Growth. He also consults and serves as an expert witness in LGBTIQ legal disputes involving LGBTIQ community members and the community at large.

He was one of the first NGO representatives to form and register an LGBTIQ organization, He is one of the people who helped in starting the LGBTIQ movement in Uganda, he is the current Board chair of sexual minorities Uganda, founder member and current executive director of SPETRUM Uganda Initiatives and he is regularly consulted on local and international human rights organizations and agencies consulting on behalf of those seeking asylum and refugee status. This affords him the opportunity to testify firsthand on issues that affect the LGBTI community in Uganda.

Mr. Samuel speaks English and also speaks Uganda’s native Language Luganda. He is gifted speaker who regularly conducts seminars for LGBTIQ, LGBTIQ congressional representatives and human rights professionals.

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