Key Population Programming.

Royal Rays Initiative Uganda is one of the leading Ugandan CSO known for implementing high-quality integrated HIV and STI programs with Key populations(KP) ; advocating for equal rights for all, addressing stigma and discrimination. To this end RRIU is connected and linked to pioneer KP treatment hubs within referral hospitals key populations, has reaches out to KP people with SRHR services and information.

RRIU has have been able to strengthen HIV/AIDS response through for example strengthening Peer networks and in an effect to reach more than 350KP people with SRHR and HIV information and services.

Our Key population Programming follows the set KP guidelines of the Government of Uganda to ensure all Key populations are reached with quality health services as part of its improved access to integrated SRHR/HIV AIDS services.

RRIU Continues to work on issues of Stigma and Discrimination that play a huge role in limiting access to Quality Health service Provision by contribute to fighting against HIV/AIDS through supporting community action and creating demand and supporting referrals.



Our CHAT TIME program brings together our members to share their experiences, storytelling, discuss on stigma and discrimination, skills development in public speaking and other issues that affect our community. This program is a social interaction platform and it is held every Sunday from 4:00pm-6:00pm


This is a standard way our organization uses to identify specific needs in our community and use it to provide a service to the people who need it. This program is headed by our Coordinator who actively advertises, mobilizes, record and analyses the data from the field.


We have all heard of AIDS but few of us know much about it. Understanding HIV and AIDS can help you be more supportive of people who have it and reduce your chances for becoming infected.

This program enables our members to learn the basics about HIV/AIDS to raise their awareness about this infection.


This program provides 24 hour shelter in community with an average 90 day stay that includes meals, clothing and transportation assistance for the members ages 18- 24 years who have been victims of stigma, discrimination and violence. They receive assistance from case managers and advocates to obtain identification documents, access medical care and mental health services and navigate next step in their transition to more permanent housing. The program also includes life skills needed to establish self-sufficiency for the victims. Life skills will involve workshops for a period of 3-6 months in which they are taught different life skills to empower them economically.


INCORPORATED AS A COMPANY: Royal Rays Initiative Uganda was incorporated on 29th April 2021

As a company limited by guarantee operating as a not for profit targeting MSMs, Bisexuals, Gender non-conforming persons and Sex workers


EMPOWERING COMMUNITY MEMBERS: We are empowering community members with different economic and entrepreneur skills to enable them to be economically independent and financially stable. This program is also a platform for our members to exchange different ideas that promote their wellbeing and we have so far reached 85 community members.

Key Population Programming.


We held our first dialogue on the 10th June 2021 in partnership with Men of the Night. (WE WILL ADD A PICTURE OF THE DIALOGUE)

Activity Name: Covid-19 response to ensure good health among MSMs, security and economic empowerment.

Report: The activity aimed at identifying the health, security and economic needs of MSMs during the COVID period.

We identified that many members lacked access to health services since the lockdown prevented them from moving and this put them at risk of acquiring STIs and also members on Prep and ART found it hard to adhere to drugs because they lacked nutritional support and also failed to get refills in time.

Many members also expressed how they were economically depressed since they were not working due to the lockdown and weren’t able to get basic needs like food ,soap , pay electricity bills money to pay rent and many suggested to put up schemes like food relief, and economic empowerment activities during Covid pandemic to sustain them.

Many members still expressed concern about their security since the lockdown led the communities they are living in to start questioning their sexuality and this put many to be at risk of bring raided or thrown out of houses by landlords cause of their sexual orientation.


Christopher Nkambwe who is a passionate human rights received Canada’s largest single cash award in recognition of outstandingLGBTQIA2S+ leadership from The Community One Foundation.(will share the link and picture)


Partners make a huge difference in helping us help others. Together we can do so much more. We work in partnership with other likeminded organizations with similar missions as well as communities to enhance synergies, sustainability and ownership of programs.


1. YOUTH LIVELIHOOD INTERVATIONS: Easter Sunday Gala pictures and videos: ( Chris will share the videos)

2. Go fund me online fundraising event: We are currently organizing an online fundraising event to support our members who are survivors of police raid in Uganda.



We are looking for volunteers to join our team at Royal Rays Initiative Uganda. Volunteers are the back bone of Royal Rays Initiative Uganda since day one.

Volunteers bring wealth of skills, talent and experiences essential to the success of our mission, vision and values.

Royal Rays Initiative also values the contributions made by our volunteers from a range of areas.

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The mission of Our Community Center is to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

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